LCCI Nepal is regarded as one of the leading organization in the field of soft skills and management skills training. LCCI Nepal works towards helping thousands of Nepalese people through its international, customized and local training programmes. These trainings help candidates to enhance their capacity and advance in business, life skills and related fields, in a competitive and prosperous world. LCCI Nepal is focused on building itself as institution of repute and to work as an emerging education and training institution of Nepal.

Over the last six years, LCCI Nepal has trained and certified more than 15000 students from all across Nepal in various soft skills and management related qualifications. Since 2009 LCCI Nepal has been offering its programmes all across Nepal which are customized as per local needs. In 2014, LCCI Nepal achieved a major milestone where our trainings along with our overall systems were validated and approved by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scotland. This approval means that the programmes which are developed and owned by LCCI Nepal remains under the ownership of LCCI Nepal, however, its quality is assessed by SQA. Today LCCI Nepal’s Registered Training Centers are spread all across Nepal as well as in China and Malaysia.

SQA is a not for profit Government Sponsored agency accountable to the Scottish Government and sit at the heart of Scotland’s world-renowned education system. SQA has over 100 years experience in developing qualifications and qualification systems across the globe. LCCI Nepal is the first and only institution from Nepal to be approved by SQA.

LCCI Nepal is also an Exclusive Market Representative of the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry International Qualifications (LCCI IQ) (Part of Pearson group, world’s largest education company). LCCI IQ is one of the world’s largest providers of business related vocational qualifications. It is currently offered in 120 countries and is highly regarded by Employers, Professional Bodies and Governments globally as a mark of the highest standard. Universities too, recognize LCCI IQ’s Certificates and Diplomas for admission into their degree programmes. LCCI IQ has over 8000 centers worldwide and takes over 500,000 examination entries every year.

Shusmita MallaGIZ- Kathmandu
Good training "Finding joy at work" especially for staffs working under time pressure. I applied it recently in one of my stressful meeting and it worked, that was wonderful.
Swabhav DulalPresidential Business School - MBA
The programme was neatly and logically organised and encouraged the participation. I can go for the immediate application of the things I learned in this programme "Effective communication skills and personal development".
Saugat Singh SaudInternational College of Hospitality Management - Bsc
Thank you for being a path finder. Loved the classes of National Award in Personal Development organised by LCCI Nepal.
Wangchuk Dorjee SherpaThe Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal
This was a different kind of training. I think that the way it was conducted was perfect.
Teresa RaiGIZ (HSSP)
All the information shared by trainers during the training "Writing Skills For Professionals" by LCCI Nepal were really helpful to take over and implement in the office.
Niroj RautNcell Pvt. Ltd.
I liked almost everything about LCCI Nepal's Managerial Skills Development Training Programme. It was more than I expected. Keep it up.
Aastha SharmaAce Institute of Management- MBA
 I have attended 9 days of training on Skills For Employment conducted by LCCI Nepal which ended on 25th September 2014. I feel glad to state that the training sessions have been immensely fruitful for all of us to upgrade our behavioural and soft skills. Moreover, I personally find myself as happier, calm, organised and a positive person after the training.Thank you.
Shashi Kala
LCCI training on Employability Skills has been a great tutor to me not because it taught me the employability skills techniques, but helped me overcome my weakness. I would further apply this knowledge in my coming days. All the classes were fantastic and the teachers were equally co-operative and inspirational.Thank you LCCI for giving us such a platform.
Rupesh Dahal
This programme gave me a clear vision of my strength and capabilities. I am encouraged to move on. This programme made me confident.
Salina ShresthaGolden Gate Int'l College
I am very much happy to share with you that I have recently completed my LCCI Nepal training. I must admit it that this has been the best training of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank LCCI Nepal and the entire team for conducting such a wonderful programme. This has helped me in a great deal. And after this training I have developed a strong spirit of positivity. All the trainers were brilliant and their presentations were great.Thank you.


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